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Dad Jokes: The B2B Marketing Edition

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Jen Gutman

on June 17, 2020

Dad Jokes: The B2B Marketing Edition

Oh yes, Dad Jokes. What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than with a Dad Jokes battle between the Father’s of Oktopost! (Just in time for Father’s Day!)

These jokes are often so horrible that you can’t help but chuckle at how absolutely ridiculous they are. And as part of Oktopost company culture, our Okto-dads love jokes! So to honor them…

We’ve gathered some of the funniest B2B Marketing Jokes from around the web and sent CEO, Daniel Kushner and Managing Director EMEA, Colin Day, into battle to tell some of the best B2B Marketing Dad Jokes around.

Watch the live broadcast:

Or simply laugh-out-loud reading the jokes used in battle.

  1. What is a pirates favorite piece of B2B marketing content? A webinarrrrrrr!
  2. I wrote an SEO-driven blog about pancakes. It’s at the top of the Maple SERP.
  3. What did the SEO manager say when he saw twins at the movies? Duplicate content.
  4. My marketer friend quit her job to start a bakery. I went to visit her, but when I tried to walk in the door this big swatch of fabric popped up and blocked my way! I backed up; it disappeared. I walked forward, big cloth thing in the way again! “Hey,” I shouted at my friend, “I can’t get in!” “Oh, sorry,” she says, “You have to click on the banner to accept cookies.”
  5. How Does a B2B marketer make her boat go? She uses the Sales Force.
  6. A stock photo walks into a bar, and the patrons start pointing and giggling. She looks at the bartender and says, “Why’s everyone staring?” The bartender says …”Cuz your ALT tag is showing.”
  7. What’s a B2B marketers favorite zoo animal? The Inbound Lynx.
  8. Knock, knock! (Who’s there?) Long-tail keywords!(Long-tail keywords who?) Knock-knock jokes, best knock-knock jokes, funniest clean knock-knock jokes, knock-knock jokes about marketing, jokes for kids, knock-knock jokes for kids, funniest kids’ knock-knock jokes about B2B marketing.
  9. I’m doing content marketing for a cheese company. We’re creating blog posts and a few grated assets.
  10. Why did the CMO put a fence around her jewellery box? She insisted on gating all her assets.
  11. What does the new Chips Ahoy marketing director do on her first day on the job? Enable cookies.
  12. Why should you always hire a bad B2B marketer to make your butter? They have a high churn rate.
  13. Why did the marketer get off the trampoline? He was worried about his bounce rate.
  14. Why did the marketing couple decide not to get married? Because they weren’t on the same landing page.
  15. B2B marketers are so cautious, they wouldn’t kill a fly without a thorough swat analysis.
  16. Why do B2B marketers make such good wide receivers? Because they always stay inbounds.
  17. What’s a pirate’s favorite thing about marketing? Thee arrrrrrROI!
  18. What do B2B marketers wrap presents in? White paper.
  19. How much does a hipster weigh? An insta-gram.
  20. I hired an earthworm, a centipede and a millipede to do my email marketing. They’re really good at segmentation.
  21. Why can’t the B2B marketer go see live musicals anymore? He keeps trying to capture the leads.
  22. What’s a social media marketer’s favorite kind of cracker? Insta-Grahams!

We hope this brought a few laughs your way! From all of your friends at Oktopost, may you enjoy the celebrations of Father’s Day!

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